Yoga Class in English

Yoga Class in English at Budapest

At the YOGA Class in English you can practice in a friendly and relaxed  environment the asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) that you have learned earlier at the Beginner’s course.


  • Relaxation: on physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • Meditation: with the help of meditation we can get rid of our negative traits and reach a state of inner peace and harmony.
  • Preparations: we do eye and neck exercises to warm up our muscles
  • Pranayama: breathing exercises that help us become energetic and joyful
  • Surya Namaskar: Sun salutations, a series of warm up postures that energize our bodies
  • The Rishikesh asana sequence: besides developing our skeletal muscles they have a beneficial influence on our inner organs therefore are essential in preventing illness and maintaining our health. We are practicing the 12 basic postures that were taught by our master, Swami Sivananda.
  • Kirtan: it is said to be the most effective yogic practice in our times: chanting God’s name together with others. This has a benign effect on both the individual and the whole world.The drop in class is 120 minutes long.
    There is also a shorter version which is 90 minutes long. Here do not do the initial relaxation and the  preparatory exercises.


One class
Normal price: 1600 HUF
Discount price: 1400 HUF

Monthly pass (one class a week) 5800 HUF
Monthly pass ( up to 5 classes a week) 9000 HUF
Monthly family pass (for 2 people, one class a week) 10000 HUF


IX. kerület: Mitra Jóga-sziget A Mitra Jóga-sziget Budapest IX. kerületében, Ferencvárosban található. A belvároshoz közel, jól megközelíthető helyen várjuk a jógázni vágyókat. Jóga óráink változatosak, minden korosztály megtalálja a számára legmegfelelőbbet. Gyere, jógázz velünk a Mitra Jóga-szigeten, ahol barátokra lelsz! Megközelítést ide kattintva találod.