Yoga Course for Beginners

The Yoga Course for Beginners is a perfect choice for those who are new to Yoga. Of course all are welcome, including those who are familiar with other systems as the course can still provide them with new information.

If the Sanskrit terms like ‘asana’ or ‘pranayama’ sound foreign to you don’t worry! You can get started with our  systematic and safe Beginner’s course that was designed by our master Swami Sivananda.


You can learn step by step the following through  8+2* classes:

  • the 12 basic postures  (these are the asanas)
  • breathing exercises (these are called pranayama)
  • and complete relaxation

We also cover topics in Yoga philosophy that will help you to learn about the yogic lifestyle, like proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

If we have available spots, you are welcome to join the course until our 3. class.

* The 8+2 class structure means that you can join the open classes as well after our 8. class


Normal price: 18.000 HUF

Discount price: 15.000 HUF

(Are you having financial difficulties? Let us know and we”ll see how we could help.)


IX. kerület: Mitra Jóga-sziget A Mitra Jóga-sziget Budapest IX. kerületében, Ferencvárosban található. A belvároshoz közel, jól megközelíthető helyen várjuk a jógázni vágyókat. Jóga óráink változatosak, minden korosztály megtalálja a számára legmegfelelőbbet. Gyere, jógázz velünk a Mitra Jóga-szigeten, ahol barátokra lelsz! Megközelítést ide kattintva találod.